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The Maritime Parc: For Weight and Diabetes/Thyroid Management; Food Preferences: Carbohydrate

{ Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 }

Starters- Grilled Squid: Lemon confit, harissa oil, olives and rocket or Wild Arugula: Parmesan vinaigrette and grilled pear salad or Beet Salad: Young spinach, ricotta and pistachio vinaigrette

Main Courses- Red Snapper: Citrus, pickled red pearl onion, basil relish or Halibut: Sauteed apples, brussels sprouts, bacon and brown butter vinaigrette (ask for no bacon, vinaigrette on the side) or Porcini Dusted Tuna: French lentils and bordelaise sauce (sauce on the side)

Sides- Fall succotash or Sauteed Swiss Chard with shallots and pickled apples

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