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Klee Brasserie: Dinner, Low-Cal, No Preferences

{ Thursday, September 30th, 2010 }

Best choices would be:

Appetizer: Vegan Italian Bean and Plum Tomato Soup: rosemary; Oyster Crudo; or Smoked Olives and Almonds.

Main: Char, Charred (sustainable): cous cous & orange zest, spring garlic, grilled, tomato vinaigrette;  Shrimp & Octopus, Grilled (Sustainable): porcini mushroom, olive polenta, grilled lemon; or Lancaster Chicken Picatta: green asapargaus, lemon and caper puree, pecorino.

Sides: Mason Jar Vegetables: carrots, millet, mushrooms, beans, etc., fig balsamic pumpkin seed oil, artichoke & beet powder; Peas & Asparagus With Pepper FLakes: steamed peas & asparagus, olive oil, rice wine vinegar; or Rainbow Carrot Puree: spiced with coriander and orange