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Do Hwa: Dinner, Low Cal, Want Fish or Vegetarian

{ Friday, October 8th, 2010 }

Best Choices would be…

Appetizers: Kimchi Kimbop: seaweed rice roll with kimchi; Bae Salad: julienne korean pear with mixed greens in spicy mustard vinaigrette, pine nuts; or Watercress Salad: fresh watercress in a spicy garlic dressing;

Main: Tuna Sashimi-Avocado Salad: tuna sashimi salad with avocado in ginger dressing; Suun Dubu: spicy seafood soft tofu stew with clams, squid and shrimp and kimchi; Ojingo Bokum: a spicy saute of squid with julienne vegetables of carrots, onions, and mushrooms; Hwe Dup Bop: rice and vegetable medley topped with salmon and tuna sashimi, red pepper sauce); Classic Dol-Soht Bibimbop: a rice and vegetable medley topped with an egg and red pepper sauce, without beef or Seywoo Bokum: spicy shrimp, sake sauteed with asparagus

Sides: Shigimchi Moochim: spinach in a spicy, garlic dressing