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Philippe Chow:Lunch Prix Fixe, Dinner, Low Carb, Preference for Fish, Low Fat, Low-Cal Diet, Don’t Eat Red Meat, Don’t Eat Shellfish

{ Monday, September 27th, 2010 }

Anything from the Steamed Selections.

Appetizers:Hot and Sour Soup, Crispy Seaweed, Chicken Lettuce Wrap.
Entrees:Crispy Salmon, Velvet Chicken Breast.
Desserts: Sorbet

Appetizers: Hot and Sour Soup, Wonton Soup, Philippe’s House Salad sesame/soy vinaigrette, Spinach Salad plum and lime juice vinaigrette, Crispy seaweed (gambei), Salt and Pepper Maryland softshell crab (seasonal). Lettuce wraps, Crabmeat soup dumplings, Seiu mai chicken and black mushroom, Vegetable dumplings, Jade dumplings.
Seafood/Fish-Black prawns, Drunken sea bass, Steamed whole fish of the day (light sweet soy with scallions and ginger), Live maine lobster (ginger, scallions and cracked black pepper), White prawns (egg white sauce), Philippe’s surf and turf (house mignon and South African lobster tails).
Poultry-Velvet chicken chopped vegetables in a spicy sauce, Chicken and broccoli in a white sauce.
Pork-Pork loin sel et poivre
Rice and Vegetables-Brown rice, White rice, Mixed Vegetables, Broccoli, string beans, Bok choi.

Gluten Free Menu is available.